Thursday, 25 April 2013

INFOGRAPHIC - Bubbling Over: The Buzz On Sparkling Wine

We love a good infographic here at JGW, and following a previous post on How to Choose a Bottle of Wine, we decided to post another we have found on the internet- this time, all about sparkling wine with hints and tips to get you ready for those celebratory toasts!

Are you a fan of the sparkling stuff? 
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Friday, 19 April 2013

English Wine for St. George's Day

Of course, 23rd April marks St. George’s Day, and what could be better to celebrate with than a nice glass of English wine? And luckily for you, at Just Great Wine, we stock wine from all around the world, including that made here, on English soil.

We currently have a selection of wine from Denbies available to buy online here, which includes sparkling offerings, as well as red and white – something for everyone!

While on the subject of homegrown wine, we also couldn't help but notice this article the other day - Britain  could become top wine-growing region -definitely proves to be interesting reading! What are your thoughts on this? 

The Denbies range is available to buy now from Just Great Wine.

Friday, 12 April 2013

The All Important Taste Test

A recent tasting at JGW! 

The taste test is a very important thing here, at Just Great Wine!

One of our main jobs is to taste our bin end wines for our ever-popular Mystery Cases. We make a point of tasting our bin end wines regularly before putting them into the Mystery Case selection to make sure all are enjoyable. One of the perks of the job, some may say, but to us - it's essential that only the best wines are packed and sent out to you.

Our Mystery Case costs just £39.99 for a case of 12, and is available to buy online at 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Review: La Delizia Pinot Grigio Blush

This guest blog is from Laura Hadland who blogs at Extreme Housewife. In this post, she reviews a sample of La Delizia Pinot Grigio Blush, available now from Just Great Wine.

The clocks go forward this weekend, the family are stuffing their faces with chocolate eggs and the daffodils are starting to turn their yellow faces to the sky. It must be Spring, right?

Wrong! The UK is still being battered by sub zero temperatures and just today I got caught in a snow shower. The only way to counter the terrible weather is to bring a touch of Italian sunshine into your own home and break out this lovely little Pinot Grigio Blush.

Despite its delicate, pale pink colour, the nose on this wine is really like a crisp Spring morning, with sharp, yet sweet hints of green apple and white grapes. This freshness carries through to the flavour, it is light and sunny - not at all heavy on the palate, although there is a very faint creamy note right at the end.

This wine is very refreshing and delicate in flavour, not overly sweet, but neither too dry. I can imagine drinking this wine with a nice chicken and salad dish, or accompanying a fish starter perhaps. 

At £5.95, this wine will not break the bank and to be honest, this is a little corker for the price. It's flavour has revived my spirits and galvanized me for the last push towards Spring. Drinking this wine reminds you that one day, in the not too distant future, you'll be able to shake off your onesie, come out blinking into your garden and sit sipping a pleasing glass of wine in the sunshine. Va bene.

You can follow Laura on Twitter here and view her blog here.